• Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Coroplast
  • PVC Poster Board
  • Foam Board


  • Posters
  • Static Window Clings


  • Lexan
  • Acrylic
  • Flex Banner

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Rigid Signs

Wood Signs

MDO SIGN GRADE WOOD is great for long term signage and most commonly used for outdoor sign advertisement.  This heavy duty wood has a laminated and painted surface for a smooth finish.  Wood signs are used for vinyl or digital applicable graphics and can withstand the outdoor elements.  


  • Dust control signs
  • Land sale signs
  • Roadside signs
  • Advertisement signs

Aluminum Signs

Our ALUMINUM SIGNS come in 0.040 to 0.080 gauge durable aluminum and are great for indoor and outdoor use. Choose from a variety of sizes, as well as straight or rounded corners. Our aluminum signs are waterproof and UV safe.


  • Parking lot signs (does not include post)
  • Real estate signs
  • No trespassing signs
  • Handicap signs

Coroplast Signs

COROPLAST, also known as CORRUGATED PLASTIC, is a lightweight, plastic fluted sign material most commonly used for election signs and real estate signs.  Choose from single or double sided, these make for great short term, cost effective advertising signage. Coroplast signs are great for indoor and outdoor use and are waterproof and UV safe.  They are also compatible with wire stakes, A-frame signs and metal frames.


Election Signs

Yard Signs

Real Estate Signs

Wire H-stake frames

A-frame signs

PVC Poster Board Signs

PVC POSTER BOARD SIGNS are great for short term outdoor signage, or long term indoor signage.  These plastic signs are water resistant, UV printed and come in 1/8" thickness to fit most display stands.



  • Menus
  • Sales signs
  • Displays
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Tradeshow signage

Foam Board Signs

Our FOAM BOARD SIGNS come in a 3/16" white FOAMCORE or 3/16" to 1/2" GATOR FOAM and are primarily used for indoor applications. They are lightweight and cost effective and great for placing on easels or indoor walls.  Because of their low price, these signs are for indoor use only and are not waterproof.


  • Presentations
  • Weddings
  • Easel Boards
  • Museum displays

Posters & Window Clings


POSTERS are printed on 9 mil. gloss or matte poster paper stock. They are great for enlarged photos, signs or artwork.  Because they are delicate, they are not waterproof and are meant for indoor use. Great for alternative interior signage.


  • Enlarged photos
  • Indoor signs
  • Artwork for walls
  • Inspirational office posters
  • Rules and regulations posters

Static Window Clings

STATIC WINDOW CLINGS are great for temporary indoor or outdoor promotions. These signs are waterproof and UV safe and can be produced in reverse application for interior use on windows.  Window clings use static to hold the decal firmly in place with no adhesive requried.  


  • Temporary promotions and sales
  • POP signage on glass or other smooth surfaces
  • Removable and reappliable
  • Reverse applications

Monument Signs

College Square Pylon

MONUMENT SIGNS, also known as PYLON and MARQUEE SIGNS, are great for road side visibility.  These signs are commonly found with a flex banner, lexan or acrylic backing, allowing light to shine from behind for visibility during day and night time use.

We offer replacement of lexan, acrylic or flex banner, as well as adding or removing vinyl lettering and digital printed logos.  Get your customer's attention and let them know where you stand.


  • Replacement of backing and lettering/logos only for existing monument signs
  • Replacement and installation of electrical lighting in pylon not included
  • Fabrication of monument sign not included

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